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Thread: Kayak Fishing in Sitka

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    Default Kayak Fishing in Sitka

    In three weeks, me and 3 other old timers will enjoy another kayak trip in the Sitka area. For a week, we'll base out of Brent's Beach cabin, and paddle the Sitka Sound inside of Kruzof Island, and maybe up above the Magoun Islands. In past trips, we trolled crippled herring lures off the stern as we paddled, with very modest success on pinks. This year, I thought I'd bring my 8 foot Ugly Stick with a Penn 4500, and try to mooch plug cut herring at depth. Any ideas as to depths, or locations? Sure would be nice to scare up a few silvers!

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    Default Krestof Sound vs. Sitka Sound?

    If you are going to be up in Krestof (in the area of the Magouns) rather than out in Sitka Sound, you may be stuck with Pink only. I'm not aware of any silver concentrations going through Krestof.

    If you decide to try your luck out on the Sound - the pass behind Crow Island can be productive with slow trolling of herring, even an occaisional feeder King in mid-July and some of the early coho. Along the Kruzof shore toward Freds Creek and on further south the smaller boats catch coho and King in mid-July on both herring and #5 Canadian "coho spoons". If you ever get up near Sinitsin Cove up in Salisbury Strait on the north side of Olga and Neva Straits there is a native run of coho that return there and the fishing can be good late July and into August (check with Sitka ADFG on timing).

    Be safe and good fishing!

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    Lots and lots of coho's showing up right now!!!! Kings are still around but it's been a grind, even more so after the comm opener on the 1st.

    Spoons or bait, choked or cut plugged will work. Right now fish are pretty well scattered, shallow to deep. Typically coho's are shallower then kings, typically, but not always.


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