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Thread: peninsula river reports?

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    Default peninsula river reports?

    Fished from shore on the Kasilof yesterday and saw a few dark kings being caught I put my thumb on my spool to slow one down as it was running and broke it off ($@#!!)! The fishing seemed to be pretty slow. The Russian on the day before was slow as well. Are there any good spots on the peninsula that someone would be willing to share with me and all of our friends on the internet as long as we all promise to keep it a secret

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    Default Russian slow

    I fished the Russian/Kenai pretty hard over the weekend, and agree it was sloooooowwwwwww. 14 hours and I had 5 hookups. One landed but it was foul hooked. The fish I did see landed were all chromers.

    Hopefully the 2nd run fish will show up in good numbers.

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    Seems we are kind of tweeening now. You know inbetween the runs. You might get lucky and hit a school or two on the russian but over all it is pretty slow right now. Time to enjoy a weekend home this weekend as ill be floating the kenai for the next 5 weekends then floating it every weekend in september and the last 10 days of september enjoying our mighty BOWS and Dolly's
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