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    Question Remington XCR

    I am thinking of purchasing a Remington XCR in .300 Win. Mag., .338 Win. Mag. or .375 H&H. What experience have any of you had with XCR? Also,can you compare the recoil between the three different calibers? What caliber would recommend for Alaska and/or Africa?


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    I bought one last year in 375 H&H. Wonderful gun overall. The 375's have open/iron sights, the others do not. The gun shoots well and is well balanced. From what I read here on the site, a 338 or 375 will do well on even the big bears. The limbserver (R3) system cuts the 375 to a push similar to a 12 gauge shooting 3" slugs at 1700 fps.


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    This past spring I bought an XCR (.338 RUM). It kicks like a mule, but I bought it because it will get the job done. I'm thinking of having it magna-ported.

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    Dont ya need a 375 or bigger to hunt any of the big five in africa? or was that back in the day............
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    .375 is the minimum in many places in Africa for dangerous game. If you're only after plains game then you can use most anything. I'd go for the .375 personally. I like the recoil better than the smaller, faster calibers. If you need to take long shots, Barnes has a 210 TSX that reaches out there.

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    I own one XCR,a 375 RUM no game shot with it yet. The rifle seems to be a nice hunting tool. It will get your attention real quick off the bench, but it is what it is ,a Dragonslayer! I have sighted in a friends XCR 30 06 a very accurate rifle, the trigger was adjusted ,way too heavy. If your looking for an all weather rifle the XCR may be it. It seems to be a light rifle, and recoil gets, PRONOUNCED, when you start shooting the big kickers 375 HH, 375 RUM, 338 RUM. All of the calibers that you mentioned have been used in Alaska with success, game animals care little what the cartridge headstamp reads, when you put the bullet in the right spot. I'm not a fan of brakes they soften recoil, and damage hearing at the same time. If you want a magnum rife try to shoot a friends before you take the plunge, they have advantages ,but there no good to anyone if we can"t shoot them well. Bill
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    Default Alaska?..Africa?..Calibers?

    If you hunt Brown bears, Lions or Cape buffalo (Some travel will be required) the 375 H&H is a sensible minimum. The 338 Win mag has a very well deserved reputation for just about everything huntable including these three.

    Both are well established calibers and are well supported world wide with ammo. For me any 30 caliber is out when hunting anything that can do ya' in.

    A lot of leopard are taken with 30 caliber and 338 caliber magnums. That's a very small animal, fiesty, but small and the 180 partition and and 300 Win mag have worked very well. Large caliber and tough bullets are not called for. Precise shot placement is of utmost consideration. Wounded leopards cause even brave PH's to break out in a cold sweat.

    Hunting for dangerous game in Alaska or Africa is a very expensive endeavour, almost completely out of reach of the common man. Unless of course you are a resident of the state.

    As for recoil. The Remington M700 is a slim trim lightweight rifle and that loss of weight translates to more recoil. The stock of the synthetics seems to accentuate recoil as well.

    I find it interesting that of all the time I've spent hunting on the African continent, I've never heard an African, PH or hunter, farmer or land owner mention the word recoil. It is humorous to them when Americans come over and look over their well worn Mauser in 375, 416, 458, or 500 Jeffery and comment about how much it must kick. I once watched a 5' 9" 160# professional hunter put three shots from a 500 Jeffery into a wounded buffalo in three seconds. The bull was on the run, having taken a 375 300 grain in the paunch, and as he ran through the Mopane he was hit three times before collapsing. The three holes were in the chest area and could be covered with a coffee cup. Two of these big solids passed through the heart. This PH was 23 years old and had his license for about a year. Just a farm kid that liked to hunt. He carried with him the centuries of established Boer marksmanship and field craft. This was the first time he had fired the borrowed rifle. I'll hunt with this guy any time.
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