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Thread: The Delta River out of Tangles Lakes

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    Default The Delta River out of Tangles Lakes

    I have been busy booking groups for the upcoming summer season and it has been brisk. We have 20 inflatables and a host of Old Town Canoes to offer this year so look us up!

    Lets talk about a real Gem of a river that deserves a second look. How many of you have done the Delta River putting in the Lower Tangles and taking out at mile 212 of the Richardson Hwy?

    If your looking for a river that sees fewer users than the Gulkana and the fishing is good well the Delta is the one. Takes about 3 days give is best done in a canoe or light weight inflatable. Leave the 14 foot round boat at home for this one guys! The portage at the falls will make you wish you never say a raft because it is tough. The canoes are perfect and the fishing through the lower Tangle Lakes for Lakers is crazy! I have caught fish in the lower String Tangle that I swear have never seen or taken a spinner or fly! Once you get below the falls the Grayling fishing is the best I have ever seen in Alaska! And here is the best part....You may not see any other groups while on the Delta!

    The Delta is a strange river that flows South to North and cuts through the Alaska Range. Great hikes and worth the 3 days of bliss!

    Look us up for cool pics of the river and the BLM has lots of info as well. With canoes costing $15-20 a day less than a raft you can't go wrong. We have added a fleet of Outcast single man Cats this year and we expect they will be in high demand on the Delta.

    Interested in the Delta? Look us up!

    Gulkana River Raft Rentals
    Mile 127.5 Richardson Hwy.
    Gakona Alaska
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    Definitely on my to-do list. Here's a couple of folks' posts to get people thinking about the Delta.

    I planned to do it last fall but my hunting party wasn't ready for the portage. In hindsight I wasn't prepared either, way too much gear and big rafts. If you go, go light.


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