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Thread: Interesting outboard jet boat hull design.

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    Default Interesting outboard jet boat hull design.

    This looks like a pretty neat hull design for an outboard jet. Apparently it is supposed to cutdown on cavitating by maximizing water intake. Some decent youtube video out there too.
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    Thanks for the link. I'm always learning something new. Stand up head for the Wife? Super heater for same?

    I like all the structure and supports they put in it.

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    Looks like there is a skid plate that would protect the jet foot. I kinda like the idea of the hull going out to the end of the outboard, keeps some floatation further back and probably keeps the outboard jet foot from being hit has much, especially if that really is a skid plate under the foot.

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    Yas very interesting alright, someone is thinking outside the box, not a lot of details about the business end so plenty of questions, like how do you adjust trim?
    It doesn't look the the nozzle is gimbaled on the horizontal axis.....? Seems that might be important, the boat appears to handle ok in the video, but I did see some spray towards the front and makes me think it may want to bow steer, especially since the planning surface is extended towards the transom.

    Pretty cool idea nonetheless
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