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Thread: clueless about AK 47 mags

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    Default clueless about AK 47 mags

    A friend called me today wanting my advice on AK 47 magazines. I had no answer for him but told him that I would ask you guys and get back to him.

    He also asked if the AK platform was tougher than.the AR platform and I said but of course. Feel free to voice your opinion on this matter as well.

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    Lots of folks love or hate various AKM mags. I've always had good luck with Romanian and Polish, but I don't think I've used or tried or compared all of them. AK-74 mags seem to have cult followings, but I've had good luck with all the ones I've used. Are AK's tougher than AR's? Standard answer is yes, since poor dirt-digging mooja's and VC can make or repair any AK even if it's been driven over by a tank. Drive over an AR and you have a busted AR. Bang out the AK receiver to make it flat again or bend a new one and off ya go. AK? Check.

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    The AK is one of the most durable dependable pieces of machinery on the planet. I have had three, all Romainian and all
    worked all the time with no jams ever. Less parts, simple design, and super easy to disassemble without any tools........
    I also love my AR but if the **** ever hit the fan I would make sure my AK is with me.........another plus is it will
    eat cheap ammo all day long!
    If we all agreed....this would be no fun


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