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Thread: *TRADE* BAR 300 win mag

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    Default *TRADE* BAR 300 win mag

    I have a 1989 Browning BAR 300 win mag with a camo synthetic stock with an optic rail installed. The rifle is in good condition, I used it to knock down a couple of hogs down in Florida a few weeks ago. It's a straight shooter.

    Not really interested in cash, I would rather trade since I would probably just use the money on a gun anyway 🙂

    907-884-2707 call or text

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    a.) Is the rifle in Alaska........???

    b.) Roughly what value do you attribute to the rifle in a trade deal.....???

    c.) What length barrel........???

    d.) What are you interested in a trade.......????

    e.) Does it have sights other than the rail..........???

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    a) Yes, It's in Anchorage.
    b) $ 500
    c) 22"
    d) I'm looking for something that goes 'bang' or a quality optic
    e) there are no sights on this rifle, only the rail. I have a low end scope I could toss in for free but this rifle really deserves a nice scope.

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    After reconsidering my scope situation, I'm really only looking to trade for another firearm.

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    PM sent. I have some trade stuff you might be interested in.

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    No longer available.

    Just swapped for a nice little AR.


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