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Thread: How Heavy Does My Trailer Jack Need To Be?

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    Default How Heavy Does My Trailer Jack Need To Be?

    My heavy duty pipe mount jack finally cashed out. I have a 20' Harvey Dory..the whole thing guts, feathers and all probably weighs a ton or a little over. Can I get by with a 1000 lb. capacity jack? I really doubt that I have 1000 lbs. tongue weight. Beyond raising and lowering a few inches to hook up, it will just sit there. Thanks for any advice!

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    A 1000# jack will be fine.
    Tongue weight is usually about 15% of overall weight of the boat and trailer.
    You'll have plenty of room.

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    Thanks for the input, Drifter. That just cut my replacement cost in half!

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    Rule of thumb the bigger the better when you start moving around and working on the boat when it sitting in your drive way. There a lot stress on that little jack.

    I have a jack I sit mine down on for added support

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    Good point, Mike. I'm going to sniff around and see if I can find a pipe mount replacement. In the mean time, it will be a bottle jack and blocks for me.

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    I went the super heavy double wheel on my boat. When your sitting on the jack and there is any slight lean to one side or the other the little jack can't seem to handle the added stress. I had my little jack on my hewscraft give away and the tongue hit the ground. As far as actual tongue weight it depends on how your boat sits on the trailer. But normally you can guess it to be around 15% but up to 25%

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