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Thread: A Message from the B&C Club....

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    Default A Message from the B&C Club....

    I know many of you have mixed feelings about the B&C club. I just wanted to post this for those who are interested....

    As hunter-conservationists, we can no longer ignore the fact that the perception of trophy hunting is influencing negative public attitudes towards—and inviting activism against—all forms of hunting. The signs are everywhere, from sensationalized headlines and public opinion surveys to import bans on legally-taken trophies, voter ballot initiatives, and social media free-for-alls. And all this in a year when the Boone and Crockett Club will be hosting its triennial celebration of trophies, and the successful conservation measures that produced them.
    How we got here is a conversation for another day.
    More importantly, what are we going to do about it?
    We know that hunting is one of the most significant conservation mechanisms in existence. We know that the presence of mature male animals in the wild is a sign of successful management and a low harvest. We know that the choice to pass up younger animals is conservation at its core. We know that the pursuit of the oldest and wariest animals offers the highest degree of difficulty and the greatest challenge, which are hallmarks of the fair chase hunter. We also know that all hunters are trophy hunters in some way, seeking to bring home mementos from nature whether it’s meat, antler, horn, hide, or photos—all remembrances of deeply connected experiences and visible reminders of a life taken in respect and admiration, not waste. We know these things to be true. Clearly we need others to know them as well.
    As the Club works toward the 29th Big Game Awards events in Springfield, Missouri this July, rest assured we will be using this opportunity to not only reaffirm that “where hunting happens, conservation happens,” we will be using this opportunity to educate more people about the truth behind trophies and the positive attributes of a selective harvest.
    With your support this year, we will be doing just that. Providing education and proper perspective on trophies and trophy hunting may not be spelled out in our Mission, but this is something we must do as part of conservation leadership.

    If you have not attended one of the Club’s Big Game Awards events in the past, we strongly encourage you to join us this July 14-16 in Springfield, Missouri. To learn more visit
    Sheep hunting...... the pain goes away, but the stupidity remains...!!!

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    The problem isn't the Boone and Crockett Club or trophy hunting per se. The problem is what people are willing to do to take a trophy either for fame or ego. Trophy hunting seems to bring out the worst in some people. From shooting from the road, to spotlighting, to killing where hunting is restricted or illegal, to using planes to herd or shoot animals, to buying or stealing trophies to claim as one's own, faking the trophy value of an animal, to killing what are basically farm raised animals in pens and more, every incident that makes the news is another black eye for all hunters. And when they get away with it, these guys are worshiped as "super hunters". Kirt Darner is a good example of that, but there are many more, enough that it makes you wonder whenever you hear of a hunter who is overly successful at "making the book".
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    I think I would do more for them if they had not screwed over Marty Webb and Paul T-Craft. That still leaves an bad taste in my mouth. Honor Floyd Saltz and Sherwood Scott but not recognize Webb and T-Craft when they did every thing that was requested and still got bumped out.


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