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    I have finally pulled the trigger and put money down on a new boat. I am going with a 22' Riddle w/6.2 DI engine. It has a 1/4" bottom and I upgraded to a 3/8" center section. My question is, should I, or do I need to do full UHMW bottom protection? I plan on having the boat for a long time and want to run the skinniest water I can but also realize I will be limited in how skinny simply due to the size of the boat. I have heard differing opinions on UHMW and plus/minuses of getting the boat unstuck. I had a TJ a few years back but did not have long enough to experience whether I should have gone with UHMW. Thanks

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    I upgraded the swim deck with enough extra bracing to be able to jack up the back of the boat with a handyman jack and push it off the jack over and over to turn it around or to the shortest distance to water. After that use rope come-a-longs and anchor to pull it back into the water. But with a 7ft bottom it runs skinny. I do not want to glue anything to the bottom or drill a lot of holes in it to add extra weight. With a hydraulic bucket I can stop on a dime or do a 180 to get out of trouble. If you want to go skinny get a 10fter with a jet.
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    Riddle builds a heck of a boat. It all depends on where your going to run and how good are you at reading the water. I run mostly in the talkeetna and the Big Su, it is mostly sand and gravel mix for the bottom Until you get toward the canyon on the talkeetna were it is glacier rock. The glacier rock is a little tuff on the bottom of the boat (dont ask how i know this). If you are getting a 1/4 bottom with a 3/8 center section that should hold up to most impacts. Riddle used to have the steel insert down the center, that would be nice. UHMW is nice as well but im not a fan of drilling holes in my boat.
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