Hello everyone. Hoping this finds everyone well. As the title says I'm looking to make some new pilot friends for some Alaskan adventures. I'm not currently living in Alaska but I grew up on the Kenai Peninsula, graduated Kenai High School, and still spend lots of time in Alaska even though I know have to call Colorado and California home.

I'm a 1500 hour pilot with single engine land, multi-engine land, instrument, and CFII/MEII certificates. I own a pretty nice river boat in Alaska and my family and I love to clam dig, salmon fish, halibut, hiking and camping. I work as a business manager for a large global company but also work part-time at a Part 141 flight school as both part of the management team and part-time flight instructing.

I'm looking to make some friends in Alaska that have planes or access to planes and would like to share some costs and do some flying together.

Would be great to meet anyone interested and exchange more details!