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Thread: Dalton Caribou Spring

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    Default Dalton Caribou Spring

    Getting spring fever and thinking about heading up the haul road over memorial day weekend and trying a bow or 5 mile hike out for a bull caribou. Limited experience and even less success up there bow hunting in fall. Read some older research papers online and it appears the cows should be dropping caves around this time, and they were being tracked in the northern foothills of the Brooks range (at least in 2007). I've heard of people going in late June and battling the mosquitos, but no one this early. Has anyone out ther tried a hunt this time of year?

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    Yes i've done it once. I have friends that do it successfully every other year or so. The strongest consideration that you might not have thought about is killing a cow with a fetus. It weighs heavily on some minds, less on others.

    Being amongst a large band of spring caribou is quite intoxicating. That excitement sometimes urges us to take shots that have huge consequences with pass through shots or defragged bullets. If you hunt spring, do it mindfully. Its hard to tell a bull from a cow during spring without antlers.

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    I read something about pregnant cows holding on to their antlers thru spring. Maybe that is not always true?
    Last week around Sourdough CUA I saw a couple of small groups; one animal had antlers -about 18-24 inches tall- definitely last year's growth.
    The first group had one that sure looked like a bull, 150% larger body than the others, and a beautiful pale shaggy haired neck.
    Of about 15-20 animals only the one mentioned had any antlers. Seems that there would be at least a few cows carrying a calf in that many.

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    yeah, generally cows keep antlers longer than big bulls, but it all depends on the animal. If you see caribou with horns this time of year, points or tines help ID the difference. Most cows max out antler points under 10 total. I have seen cows with more than 7 antler points, but it's pretty rare.

    And the obvious size disparity between bulls and cows helps too, but in bone structure and height more than belly girth.

    It's a great herd to access for learning ops, and the hunting will almost always involve some frustrating head scratching.

    Good luck

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    Saw a group that went up last weekend. They did great. Lots of bous.
    Makin fur fins and feathers fly.

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    I am planning on heading up that weekend as well. If you are interested in coordinate a hunt, let me know. I tried to send you an email.


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