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Thread: Mid Sept. Kodiak Coho

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    Default Mid Sept. Kodiak Coho

    I'll be up on Kodiak Island in mid September to fly fish for silvers, any suggestions on where to fish and what they hit? I was on the Russian last Sept. and they loved the egg sucking leeches.

    Also, I was told to bring up a float tube, do they use float tubes while fishing for silvers? Where?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Default Mining Kodiak's silvers...

    They are literally all over the place and will readily accept fly, spin, or egg. ADFG opens all water upstream of highway bridges September 15th.

    The float tube is a popular item for Kalsin Pond. Bring it if that's what you'd like in a free ride with your hook-ups! Otherwise you can nail them pretty much all over.

    I wrote the definitive on Kodiak. You'll find it in the bookstore on this site and there's even a free chapter for you to read. Greater detail about the book is at

    The silver fishery in Kodiak is reputed as one of the finest roadside fisheries in the entire state. I've commuted twice for it and I can assure you that reputation is well earned...

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    Thumbs up Coho Fever

    Ah.... Silver fishing in Kodiak. Went there for over 10 consecutive years (through the 90's) to enjoy this tremendous fishery. You've picked the right time, because they normally open up the upper section of the rivers (above the bridges) in mid Sep. but that changes often due to conditions and runs so keep the AF&G hotline # handy to make sure. The upper stretches of the Buskin and Olds offer some great sight fly fishing, and the Pasagshak has a nice shallow pond upstream that is easily accesible and lots of guys enjoy using float tubes up there. The fish in the Pasagshack are HUGE, and my Dad and I have both caught a few "trophy" class silvers (over 20 lbs.) out of there. Probably plan on going back there myself sometime soon. Let me know how you make out.
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    Thanks for the info, do you think it's worth bringing up a float tube?


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