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Thread: The future Alaskan Hunter :O)

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    Default The future Alaskan Hunter :O)

    Hey folks. Not really a hunting topic, but to me it is. Attached you will find a link to a picture of my 15 month old daughter on facebook. Please click on her photo and like it from the page. She is in a contest for the most likes to be on the cover of Alaska Parenting Magazine.
    Now many will say, why post this on a hunting site. She is my future hunting partner, and fishing partner. Because she is my pride and joy, the moment in my life that changed my entire world for the better. I was 41 when I had her and I never thought anything could rock my world like she has. Gods greatest blessing is her in my life. I am a proud daddy and proud to brag about it. I look forward to her first fish, her first bunny harvest and so on the life of a huntress begins. Thanks all who participate
    Take a youngster out when you go, it will change his/her life forever!!

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    Very cool...liked and shared....good job daddio!
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