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Thread: Underwater footage of small halibut

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    Default Underwater footage of small halibut

    Something a little different. Some underwater footage off my downrigger ball for halibut. All 5 to 10 pounders. It'd be fun to see a big one come in. Still interesting to me and will factor into my technique and presentation. Fish were all in 45 to 60 ft of water.

    Fished Fri-Sun in Lower Cook Inlet. 2 kings and 6 chickens. Caught a bunch of halibut but they were all 10 pounders or less. Did manage to keep a few in the 20's.

    Over three days trolled a total of an hour for kings. Two chickens, two halibuts, and a couple of missed takedowns in that span of an hour. So king fishing seems hot. Maybe I just got lucky.

    So here's the underwater video. Seemed clearer in black and white. Minimally edited.

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    Another footage of "underwater" fish taken from the topside...small halibut on top...

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    Fun and interesting footage. I wouldnt have guessed their pursuit would last so long. Thanks for posting.


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