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Thread: Fishing alaska July 29th-Aug 6th

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    Default Fishing alaska July 29th-Aug 6th

    Plan to fish the kenai or russian. Since we're newbies.. if anyone are planning on fishing those rivers during that time and would like some company, let me know.

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    I am pretty sure you will have all the company you could ever want

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    Default Fishing Russian

    I will be at Sportmans landing near the ferry on August 1st in the afternoon, then at at the Russian River camp grounds on Saturday and Sunday night. You are welcome to fish with me, I went up to Alaska in 2005 and had a great time. Met a lot of nice people did some great fishing. I met a retire comercial fisherman from the area and he was kind enough to teach me the right way to catch reds.

    E-mail me and we can exchange some information and maybe fishi together while we are there.


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