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    I just got a great deal on 13 pounds of goex FG black powder. Can it be used in a 50 cal inline ? Could I use my regular powder charge ?

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    You can use it, but it might be a little slow and probably more fouling. Dunno what your regular charge is, but if 2f or 3f there should be no prob using the same measure. You might even want to hump it up a little. The old saying about "Use 10% less powder when going from 2f to 3f" applies in reverse when going from 2f to 1f (or FG- same thing). I use 1f a lot in my shotguns, Bess, 20 gauge trade gun and 62 caliber rifle, but never tried it in a 50 cal. Nothing to stop me from trying, other than saving my 1f for those bigger guns.


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