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Thread: Trout/Grayling Fishing in the Su Drainage via Jet Boat

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    Default Trout/Grayling Fishing in the Su Drainage via Jet Boat

    I have a small jet boat and would like to do some trout fishing (fly fishing) in the next few weeks before Chinook fishing picks up. Last year I fished the Little Su and the Deshka pretty heavily for Coho and was wondering where some good fly fishing grounds would be maybe launching from Deshka landing or other launch in the Su drainage. I've heard you can reach the mouth of the Willow from Deshka Landing pretty easily but have never done this myself. Anyone fished for Rainbows or Grayling there? Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated!

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    This time of year, the mouths of all of the clear streams that feed the big su should be decent fly fishing for trout. Try smolt patterns and old flesh patterns like a cotton candy ( I don't know why, but the trout on the willow seem to like a peach bodied cotton candy fly).

    Just pick a stream and fish the mouth. You should find them.


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