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Thread: Flight to Cold Bay/Unimak

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    Default Flight to Cold Bay/Unimak

    My daughter has a spring tag for a Unimak brown bear. The plan was a buddy and I were going to fly 2 cubs down to Unimak a couple days before the season starts 10 May to do some scouting, find a place to tie the planes down and then fly to cold bay to pick up my Daughter and her Boyfriend and start hunting. My buddy had flown down there numerous times commercially for work, twice to explore the beaches down to Cold Bay and once to help a buddy of his get a bear. Well, a work emergency came up now and a few days before we were suppose to leave he is not going to be able to make the trip.... For those that have flown to Cold Bay what kind of advice do you have for flying solo down there and or hunting Unimak. I have done a fair amount of research, but I have never flown south of Lake Clark. I was relying a fair amount on my buddies experience... Fell free to shoot me a message and I can give you me cell/email.
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    The wind can blow and there's not much cover. Lots of beach and cinder blows to land and park on, just beware of the wind and that it can come up quickly. The terrain is pretty simple. Gentle slopes, low vegetation, lots of cinders. It's a great place to visit. When I was there it was in a friend's Cub. Spending a week or so bouncing around the beaches has been on my bucket list ever since. I haven't been lucky with that tag yet. Good hunting.


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