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Thread: What do you think of alfalfa meal as a fertilizer?

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    Default What do you think of alfalfa meal as a fertilizer?

    I used all of my compost that was ready and started a new batch. I read alfalfa meal is a great compost starter because of the nitrogen to carbon ratio, but the box arrived late and I had already started my compost with a mixture of old root balls, last years salmon from the freezer, seaweed and some chicken poop and straw. its already pretty hot. Should I save the box of alfalfa meal for this falls batch of compost or use it for fertilizer? It's from Down to Earth and says its 2.5-.5-2.5 and smells way better than the other dry, organic fertilizers I've used.

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    Blood meal would be better as a start since it is hotter, or has a higher nitrogen ratio. You could save a shovel full of your old compost to inoculate the new batch quicker. Or if you don't want to spend money on extra stuff, just pee on it. Human urine is all nitrogen and is used as a fertilizer with some wood ash thrown on top.


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