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Thread: Montana Rifle Company?

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    Default Montana Rifle Company?

    I like what I have read about the Montana Rifle Company and their rifles. Any body using one, if you are would you please share some info on it?

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    I have an X2 in 300 Win Mag and love it. Perfect function and great accuracy with factory ammo.
    Fit and finish is super too. I bought it new and the action was a bit tight but after cycling the
    bolt a number of times it is beginning to slick up nicely. I did have to lighten up the trigger so it
    would suit me. It is an exact copy of the pre 64 Winchester model 70 trigger and extremely easy
    to work with. In fact the whole rifle is a modern version of the pre 64.

    My only real objection to the rifle is that it comes with slotted action screws. If they want you to
    torque it to their recommended 65 inch pounds, it needs a screw with a torque or allen head so
    you will not mess up the screwdriver slot.

    They have those type of screws in stock so I ordered a new pair. I just got around to taking the rifle
    apart yesterday for an after hunting season cleaning. When I started to replace the new front action
    screw I noticed it about 3/8 of an inch shorter than the one that came in the rifle and could not be used.

    Other than that I don't know what to say. If you have any specific questions, pm me.
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    I think you pretty well summed it up and they sound like an improved Pre-64 set up. The stainless version interests me and I have grown weary of trying to find the older Mod. 70 "Stainless Classics" in a caliber I want. I will save up my bucks for a .243 Win. and/or possibly a 7-08 Rem.

    I am a bit hard headed and refuse to leave the old Mod. 70 trigger assembly, the positive safety and ability to field strip the bolt with out tools that older Mod. 70 rifles have. Oh ya, I love that big claw extractor too!

    With the features their rifles have they seem like a good value and I am surprised more Alaskan hunters are not using them. They must be a bit more then most want to spend.


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