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Thread: Bullets for 44 Mag

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    Question Bullets for 44 Mag

    I need help locating a good (non-hollow point), deep penetrating 44 Mag. bullet. My intention is for bear protection, not hunting so a hard-hitting bullet that will not come apart is the quest. I purchased a box of 357 Mag (200gr FP/LD) “Premium Alaskan Ammunition” at a gun show a while back and would like to find a similar bullet to hand load for the 44. Any suggestions?

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    When it comes to loading for penetration and protection in the field, I only use solid hard cast bullets that are heavy for caliber. My .44 Mag. load is W296 and a 328 grn bullet that used to be made here in Anchorage, but the guy went out of business some years ago...There is another newer guy in Anchorage, who is making/selling 300 grn SWC-GC hard casts. I bought some at a gun show in Fairbanks when we were there visiting my son this spring. I've not yet tried them because I still have a bag of 328's (my last one), and my attention has turned to loading for my .454 Casull. The name is Arnie's Ammo, 332-3156...he works out of his house. I paid $18.25 for a bag of 100, and they look well made. If that doesn't pan out, then you could always order up some bullets from Cast Performance out of Wyoming...Cabella's carries them and they are shooting great out of my .454.

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    Default Heavy, Hard, Heatreated, Cast Solids....

    As Doc says sometimes we can find good bullets locally and that's always good. Another local maker in Delta Junction area is Dan Gongiolosi. His shop is called bull shop bullets. I don't have his number, however.

    The two biggest commercial makers of these bullets, Beartooth Bullets and Cast Performance are on the web, just remove the spaces and connect the dots. They both have very good web sites and very educational. You can order directly from them and if they ship flat rate usps it is still about $20-$25 per hundred. I have loaded these bullets in custom ammo for about 15 years now and they have been used to take everything from grizzlies to cape buffalo.

    What you're looking for is what are called hard cast, heat treated solids. The heat treatment makes them hard BHN about 21, but allows the use of an alloy that is still "soft" enough to be ductile. Which means the bullets wont break up or crumble when hitting heavy bones. These bullets, like all bullets, have velocity limits for the toughest uses and should be kept at or below 1400 fps impact velocity. They can be driven much faster of course but your performance be affected. The bullets will start to rivet the nose above that velocity. We don't want expansion, as you know.

    They come in various styles to fit all cylinders and applications. For up close defense the WFN design seem to work best. I want a big flat nose to punch a big hole. If you scroll down a ways to the Bear loads for Ruger post there is some of them there with some load data.

    If you don't hand load, these bullets can be found in a few custom makers loads. CorBon, Buffalo Bore, Alaska Backpacker. There are others but the jacketed cast core bullets are actually going the wrong direction. The cast, lubed, lead bullet offers lower friction and can be driven faster at factory pressure or what is even better we can get about 50 grains more bullet weight at the same velocity over anything with a copper jacket. Plus these cast slugs can be ordered sized to fit your bore, .430" being typical for the 44 mag.
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    Dan's contact info is here.

    Good guy for your bullet needs.

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    Cabelas also has the LBT hard cast with gas checks. I orded some through them since I was already making an order.

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    Default .44 bullets

    Great Northern Guns is now carrying Cast Precision hardcast gas check bullets for .44 and larger diameter bullets, the kind you are looking for.


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