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    Looking for personal experience reports with Spidertracks. I recently won a Spidertracks 6 unit from the Dale Carleson Memorial Foundation & Alaska Aviation Safety Foundation.

    I will be getting it set up and begin using in my plane, but was looking for local first hand user reports of this technology. Seems to be a substantial upgrade from my Delorme Explorer (not that I have had a single issue with the explorer) but the Spidertracks looks to be much more robust.


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    Can't speak to the airborne half of the equation, but from the earthbound aircraft dispatcher's perspective I can offer that it works pretty well and seems reliable; much better than some of the other trackers currently in use.
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    I've used it in my planes for 8 years. I hard wire to the radio master and don't have to do anything else. It initiates a new flight track every time it powers up and terminates it when powered down. You can review your track history on a computer but only can see your last flight using the phone app. I use the automatic notifications to text my wife that I've taken off and landed on her phone. She can open the app and see precisely where I landed on a satellite view or she can watch a flight progress in real time. I've never used the flightwatch feature because I can't remember to override it at the termination of every flight leg. It's an interesting feature but it relies on pilot action to make it work and that didn't work well for me. I've also never used the programmed messages or bluetooth texting since I carry a sat phone but some guys will appreciate those features. My Spider account info is included on my 406ELT registration so SAR can validate a beacon signal very quickly, for what that's worth.

    In all the years I've never missed a single ping. Very reliable.

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    x2. I've use spidertracks for number of years now, very pleased with the coverage. Its always performed as expected, but have never had to really put it to the test with an emergency. They offer different programs for your budget and use, I use the minimum monthly fee and kinda pay as I go. Happy so far: but this technology is changing very rapidly so there may be other providers that offer more for the buck.
    I didn't hard wire mine in. I plug it into the cigarette lighter when I want monitoring or tracking. Failsafe would be as Pid did.


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