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Thread: Looking for a Hunting Partner Caribou hunt AUG /SEP 2016

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    Default Looking for a Hunting Partner Caribou hunt AUG /SEP 2016

    Hello Everyone. I am a solo hunter from Texas. I will be in Anchorage AK for 2 months August and September 2016. I like to do a DIY Caribou hunt. I plan to take an air taxi and liked to be dropped where Trophy Caribous are in good quantity.

    I prefer if someone can join me for this hunt so I am not alone by myself for 5 to 7 days.

    I have checked out some prices and they are about $1750 to $2750 just for a pick up and drop off.

    I think this trip should not cost more than $2500 to $3000 each.

    I am very open to any location / any dates between AUG and SEP this year 2016.

    Please email or PM me if anyone is interested.


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    Okay, I'll bite.

    Nobody else has responded, so I will just give you my thoughts when I read this.

    Most people here can hunt caribou easily for the cost of gas money and their own supplies. It isn't something I would spend a large sum of money on, even for trophy - which is also easily attainable if you know where to go and have the determination to go get one.

    Not saying nobody will do it, but that was my immediate thought.

    Hunt safely.

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    Yea, the emphasis on "trophy" animals is an eye catcher. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't mind killing a 70 inch bull moose one day... or better yet a 60 something curled in, big and heavy... but it's really not my major motivation going out every Fall..

    Caribou is a good choice though for a first time Alaskan adventure.... your odds of success if you plan well are much higher.

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