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    Well guys...

    For those of you who are planning trips down the Mighty Gulkana it is open in the lower section. Still ice clogged but open and running full. This is the earliest I have seen her open up but don't plan on dropping in yet! The upper section from Paxon Lake down will not be ice free for weeks(?) and we will officially open for business on June 12th. The upper section will open early this year but don't be the first group down. If you need updates starting in mid-May just shoot me an email at, call at 907-259-4290 or visit the web site at

    If you are planning a King trip on a weekend make sure you call ahead. Even though we have 15 inflatables and we have added a fleet of AIRE Fish-Cats we do book solid on most weekends. Any up river group needs to reserve as soon as your ready. I am almost 100% booked the week of June 28- July 6th as well. If your trying to get on the rainbows in the canyon early June to early July is the best time.

    Gulkana River Raft Rentals
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    Ok guys...Here we go...The river is open and useable in the lower section. Almost no ice and very few sweepers. The ice rotted out and did not blow out like normal. Upper section should be ready to raft by late May which is really strange! Expect junk-trees in the river and be ready to repair rafts!

    We are not going to be open until June 12th due to family vacation...sorry.

    This year we have added a small fleet of 9 foot Outcast single man cats. We expect they will see lots of use for our King fishermen and families as play boats. These little guys are safe and lots of fun. At $65 a day for rentals we expect they will see lots of use so check them out!

    Kings: Speaking with the fish biologist we are expecting the Kings to be in the Gulkana earlier this season and that is due to the expectation that the water will warm up faster and the spawn run really is regulated by water temps. If they get by the Drifters in Cordova we think we may see good numbers by June 15 this year. Keep ya posted.

    Little Nelchina River:

    This is becoming a more popular run for lots of guys and it is under loved! Drop in at the Bridge on the Glenn and pop out at the Tazlina River bridge south of Glennallen. This is a very cool run that most groups do in 3 days but can be done fasted as the Tazlina River is swift. Don't underestimate the Tazlina River. It is almost as fast as the Klutina but not as many log jams. The Little Nelchina is 100% dependent on snow melt and rain so it can be un tunable by mid July. If your interested in this run give em a call or shoot me an email. One of the major hazards is crossing Tazlina Lake and dealing with the wind issue.

    Ok..Enough for now.

    Look us up on the web at and I will see you on the water!

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