I was in 3 Bears in Kenai today and they have a sale going on. They are trying to move some guns that have been collecting dust for awhile. All I know!

I was a bit tempted by a light weight compact Springfield .45. I doubt it would prove to be any more reliable then my Glock 36 so I passed on it.
I am a sucker for a good 1911 though and they had a few in several flavors. Just the way I am.

The Ruger in .308 looked good, but I don't want a flash suppressor or what ever that thing was hanging on the end of the barrel. It looked like it would make a good halibut jig though. I am just put off that they did not adapt it to the proven Springfield M14 magazine. I have always been a bit intrigued by a 20" barreled .308 bolt rifle with a detachable magazine, even though I am not a fan of detachable magazines on center fire big game hunting rifles.

Any way, if your bored and have some loose change you might find a good buy on some thing.