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Thread: Getting fuel to the field

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    Default Getting fuel to the field

    How is everyone getting their Jetboil or other stove fuel to the field? Since we can't carry it aboard commercial service and mailing it is supposedly illegal, what choices are left?
    What has everyone done in the past?

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    depends on where you are going. I went out of Kotz and had to switch stove so that we could buy fuel there and use it. We ended up with a Colemen white fuel burner.

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    Default You Can do It

    It will cost you money but ou can get ISO butane fuels into the field. I did that in Kotz last year. First, you can only ship "Snow Peak" fuel canisters because they are the only ones with a DOT number on the cannister. The Air Cargo services will not accept anything else. You will have to ship the canisters from Anchorage because they can only go via an "all cargo" flight. They are not accepted on combi flights.

    If you really want to go that route, you will have to 1) pick up the cannisters in Anchorage and go to NAC for shipment to OTZ; 2) have a friend do it for you as I did; and 3) there are courier services that will do this for you.

    For all that trouble, you may as well use white gas. It's not as convenient in the field but you can buy it in OTZ.

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    Default not going to kotz

    Unfortunately, I am not going to Kotz, I am going to Ft. Yukon.

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    If I'm going through a flying service or some kinda outfitter I usually ask them if they have any. You would be surprised how many past clients leave fuel with them cuz they cant bring it back. I may pay alittle more but its one less hassle to worry about.

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    Default Everts to Ft Yukon

    Contact Sheryl in the Cargo office at Everts Air in FAI, 450-2300. They have DC-6 all Cargo flights into Ft. Yukon. Everts Air Alaska also carries mail and freight without passengers on their 135 aircraft so that may be an option.
    It is a long shot, but the store up there might have some fuel, but I doubt it.
    How are you getting there and what are you going to do when there?

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    Default Shipping fuel and other hazmat

    Alex nailed the JetBoil issue; the problem is that their canisters don't carry the DOT exemption labeling. Other brands do.

    Perhaps a bigger issue is the hazmat fees. Going rate is $50, whether it's a box of matches or a whole pallet of goods, plus per-pound rates for the weight of the shipment. Unless you're a commercial shipper dealing with a lot of stuff, the fees are hardly worth it. As was mentioned, some fuel types are locally available, with white gas being the most prevalent. Check with your air charter and have them pick it up locally for you if possible, and expect to pay extra for this service.

    I usually use propane on my outfitted hunts, unless the hunters request otherwise. One five-gallon bottle will last for a ten-day hunt with two people. If we go more days or people, I usually augment with a few disposables. For my purposes propane seems the best route in terms of convenience. Beware though; in really cold weather it doesn't flow so well.

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    Thumbs up Fuel in the Bush

    Work with your flight service or outfitter. I rent a lot of Coleman stoves up here in Kotzebue to a lot of hunters and fisherman. They donít realize that the fuel canister is Haz-Mat and the $25 fee bites big. Some of my clients will have me get a gal or 2 of Coleman Fuel or Propane at out local store and toss it into the rental package. It saves them the hassle and my stoves are ready to fire up when the planes crosses over the mountains and all you hear is your heart beating!

    Ask at the local Native (IRA) store, most will have what you need. Ft. Yukon is a fairly large town and I will bet they can fix you up.

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    Default fuel troubles

    Hi Guys,
    I think I've decided to bring a Whisperlight. We're driving to FAI before we fly with Wright's. The gal at Wright's says they haul white gas if it's in the original container.
    What a hassle....

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    Default Terrible and Guilty...

    I think that it's terrible that you can't bring your JetBoil with you. (Really, I think that it's terrible).
    Excellent advice on the individual that suggested Everts Air Cargo. That's the only way that I would have suggested it, too.
    It wasn't after I sent my husband his first JetBoil cannister to Barrow did I even realize that it wasn't legal to send them via mail. Ooops. Honest mistake, but I knew that I wanted to get it to him and he received it with no issues. So, I admit it... I am hands down guilty for sending items of this nature via snail mail.
    But... on the other hand, would you even receive it by snail mail in the time period that you needed it if you did want to send it that way in Ft. Yukon?


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