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    Kings are still in there. For the third day out of four days fishing the 6am opening, I hooked three and landed one, all between 6am and 6:20am. Each time I fished in between the bridge restaurant and the pedestrian bridge. There is a TON of action at the opening there. If you really want to catch a king, that's the place and time to do it. Note that it's only really hot like this from 6am to 7am. Also note that this is not an easy place to land fish. Besides the normal combat fishing problems, the trestles immediately downstream make it VERY easy for fish to run downstream and cut your line. I'm averaging only one landed for every three or four hooked and fighting. Of course the hooking and fighting is fun too :-).

    Fish are obviously ranging from slightly blush to quite red. Didn't see anyone pull out a chromer.

    Also, silvers are starting to trickle in. I've heard reports down there of several people pulling them in.

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    If you don't mind me asking, what have you and others been sucessful with down at Ship?

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    Flipping size 6 hooks with yarn in the hole just above the pedestrian bridge (between that bridge and the Bridge restaurant). ONLY at 6 am though; by 7 am, it's pretty dead and remains so throughout the day.

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    Nothing happening at the mouth today during the tide. It'll probably be a couple weeks before the silvers are in good.


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