Sockeye(Reds) start their run from mid June into August. Last year the Reds were everywhere, talk about giving your arm a workout.The trip to Saltery Cove takes you through spectacular mountainous terrain, rivers, valleys and a few muddy spots. During your trip, you may see one of the largest brown bears known on the planet, the Kodiak Brown Bear, so be sure to pack your camera. Other photo opportunities may also present themselves, the American Bald Eagle, mountain goats, bison, deer, fox, horses and of course tons of fish.

Alaska Fish and Game reported over 42 thousand Reds passing through the weir between Mid June and early August last year. Long after the weir was down, we were still catching Reds into September. Reds were found virtually in just about every deep hole, under shady branches and on every bend of the river. Itís always nice when you need to take along an extra cooler because ADFG raised the limit. The end of August

I love the ride out to Saltery and I have been fishing my favorite river now for about 10 years. Just the ride in its self is an adventure to remember. and it makes fishing a
bonus. I will start working my way back there at the end of May and will wrap it up fist week of October.