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Thread: Spent some time with my Ruger MK 22 Auto yesterday

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    Default Spent some time with my Ruger MK 22 Auto yesterday

    My son bought me one of those wrist watch dealy bobs that thinks it can tell how far you walk in a days time. My family thinks I need more exercise. When I got off work at 2 PM my gadget said that I had walked 9.40 miles. My legs felt it too. It was a busy day.

    I went home and grabbed my Blackhawk 44 and my Ruger 22 pistola and jumped on the wheeler and made the 4 mile treck to my favorite little corner of the world. I shot 50 rounds through the Blackhawk first and all 50 were in the boiler room of a deer at 50 yards. Then I got out the 22. It dawned on me that I could not even remember the last time that I shot it. I shot 50 rounds up at the little purple flowers growing at the range and was really surprising myself. After a little digging around I found a package of "B3" targets under the bench. I stapled one up at 50 feet and then took my time shooting magazine after magazine full at that "B3" until another fifty rounds were spent. In the end there were only three holes that were not inside that 3 inch diameter black area and they were all within a half inch of the black. I esentially shot a 50 round 4 inch group at 50 feet free handed. I was feeling pretty good about my accomplishment and admiring my target when a red Blazer pulled in next to my wheeler. It was old Butchy. He hadn't been to the range in a couple years. He drug out his Ruger MKII slab sided gizzied up target gun, complete with a Red Dot Halo sight. I shot some more purple flowers and Butch sat at the bench and watched. After a while i said are you scared to shoot or what. Then behind that weathered, whiskered old face I saw his wry grin. He said"I caint, forgot to bring any bullets." I looked at him and shook my head and said "nothing ever changes." Then I stapled up a "B3" for him and sat and watched as he put all 50 rounds inside a 2 inch circle at 50 feet. I said "well old timer, ya just smoked my range and with my bullets......have you no shame?" He replied with" I used to be able to shoot those groups with my Toke before I got old and fat." I said"you've always beent fat."

    Ole Butchy in his day was the toughest man I ever met. His 6'5" 350 lb frame is now less than 6' and he weighs close to 500lbs. He has dark circles under his eyes and struggles to walk with his bull dick cain(I ain't kidding ya). Nobody and I mean nobody messed with Butch in his day. I once watched him put an ill tempered truck driver to sleep with a backhand. He had a million friends. Everyone liked him and he liked everyone unless they gave him reason not too.........their choice, he'd say.

    Old Butchy told me that his days are short. It brought a tear to my eye. He is the man that taught me 90% of everything that I know about guns and shooting. He is somewhat of a legend in these parts. In his younger days before I met him he had every game warden within 100 miles scared to death of him. By the time I met him he was in his 30's and was law abiding...except for when cats were involved. Yupper it's real hard for me to see an era come to an end. Think I'll find a sub to play cards for me tonight and I'll go sit a spell with Ole Butch 'n talk about old times.

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    I hope to meet Butch in the here after
    Now left only to be a turd in the forrest and the circle will be complete.Use me as I have used you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amigo Will View Post
    I hope to meet Butch in the here after
    You'd hit it off well, I'm sure of it.


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