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Thread: Generator installed below deck on a Hewes

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    Default Generator installed below deck on a Hewes

    generator.JPGgenerator housing.JPG

    The generator is installed in a sealed box with sound insulation, in a hold in the rear deck. There is an air intake on the gunnel with a bilge blower for cooling and combustion air and an exhaust on the rear of the transom. I'll post more pics. This generator has a remote start/stop and an hour meter. It is plumbed to the 2nd fuel tank with a separate straw,valve and filter. I turn the bilge blower on for a couple minutes then start the generator. I think it makes less noise than the Honda 2KW I have been using, It's a deeper sound, just different. I can estimate fuel consumption off the hour meter from the published fuel consumption rates. At 2.8 KW I have quite a bit more power than before. This generator runs the grill/oven/microwave combination unit without the lag I had with the Honda trying to supply power.

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    The power from the generator goes to an on-off-on switch then to the AC panel. The exhaust is curved to drain water and wrapped to protect things from the heat. After 15 minutes I can hold the wrapped pipe and it feels just a little warm.

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    airintake2.JPGbilge blower.JPG

    The air intake is plumbed to a bilge blower, for cooling and combustion air.

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    control panel.JPGinverter4.JPG

    I also installed a 2KW inverter/55Amp charger connected to the house battery. The generator and the inverter are controlled from the same panel next to the helm. With 3 different voltage meters I think I can monitor the battery condition and keep things running. The generator uses the same battery for starting as I use for the electrodyne hauler and down riggers but can be switched to the start batteries for the engines. These batteries are hooked to a 20Amp 3 bank charger. I left the old 20Amp 3 bank charger for the house battery in place as a back-up and for winter battery maintenance.


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