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Thread: 2014 ranger 6x6 overheating

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    Default 2014 ranger 6x6 overheating

    So I got this 2014 6x6 and its starting to overheat. I noticed this when I went ice fishing this past February, the fan will come on at 204 degrees and shut off at 194 degrees for about 5 to 6 evolutions then the fan will come on at 204 and then shut off right away and come on and shut off right away. the radiator is clean! after messing with it this past week off I noticed the water pump seal was just baring leaking aniti freeze. so this coming week off I will be changing that as well as pulling radiator just to make sure its super clean. then reinstall every thing and hopefully it will work properly. does anyone have any other suggestions please or maybe I missing something. its pretty frustrating the machine only has 700 miles on it.

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    Test the thermostat to make sure it's opening all the way at the proper temperature or replace or remove. Inspect the water pump for problems. Is there anything in the way that could block air flow? I know you said the outside is clean just to make sure blow water through it in case the radiator is dirty and you can't see it. How are you measuring the temperature?

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    Also when the radiator is removed try to flush through it.

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    My 2014 6x6 was overheating as well, coolant appeared topped off but there were just a few bubbles in the system... Had to go through the entire bleeding the system procedure(really not that bad).

    Heard of things such as the fan relay was bad. Do you have your fan rewired so you can shut it up for deep water crossings?

    Also heard of the coolant cap was bad(who would've thought).

    Just a few things to try.

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    I too had issues when I first bought my 2014 ranger 6x6 and had to purge some air that was trapped in it. The stock fan that came in it was a 7 blade one that was junk and broke during a water crossing so I replaced it with a SPAL 5 blade and have yet to overheat since.


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