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    Took the IKs on ER yesterday. Real skinny real bony. Put in upstream of Eagle River Loop bridge took out on Fort Rich. The construction is done and ER campground is open - as of the 15th. Still need to do the JBER iSportsman thing but it's easy to do - You also have to be ready to get your rig on base. The water was crystal clear. No river wide aufeis but lots along the beach. Log jam at Campground has not gotten smaller - we portaged.

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    Awesome. Thanks for the report. Good news on the log pile but I wish it was completely gone and not just washed downstream to form another hazard. I'm excited the Ft. Rich section will be accessible again this year. It's a fun, splashy section for those that have not done it.....much more fun than the shuttle hassle to the takeout.

    Did you notice in wood in the right-side channel at Campground rapid?

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    The right side has big wood sticking into the slot - would be open for a skilled hard shell kayaker - no room for a raft - well possibly an R2 but not much more and the process to get there is pretty risky. Gasoline and matches may be only solution.


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