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Thread: Idle Settings on 0-300A

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    Default Idle Settings on 0-300A

    My 0-300A was idling a little low and cut out on me when I chopped the throttle on a landing the other day.

    I adjusted the throttle set screw to increase the idle a little and hope that will fix the problem. It was a little disconcerting to hear silence and see my prop stationary as I was breaking to a stop on the short grassy strip. I was doing a "dragging it in" approach and then when I chopped the throttle when I reached the touchdown point my focus went towards breaking and rudder control.

    At any rate, what is a normal idle speak for an 0-300A? What should I expect as the lowest idle speed with the throttle pulled all the way out and mixture in? My first adjustment of the throttle stop screw put the idle up at around 1000 RPMs and I know that was way to high. I dropped it back to 650 or so and was wondering if others keep it around there or lower?

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    I always tried to adjust to 700-750 rpms. Make sure the engine is warmed up before you adjust it.

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    This is an excerpt from the 51-52 170 manual.
    'The engine should idle between 300 and 400 r.p.m. Except for short check do not idle below 600 r.p.m.'

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    Before you set your idle, you need to make sure the mixture is set.


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