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Thread: Some scopes and rifles look good together!

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    Default Some scopes and rifles look good together!

    Last night I got in the gun closet and drug out a couple of my favorite rifles. I don't have any idea as to why they are favorites.....they just are. One of them is an early SB2 H&R in 30-30. It's the one with the schnabel on the front end. It's as tight as when it was new. I have this one set up with a peep on the rear and the factory wide blade front sight is like it was originally with a bit of orange paint. It looks dainty but is as robust as anything I own.

    The second one is a more recent NEF Handi-Rifle in 35 Whelen. It came with plastic stocks that I could not stand so I spent $50 on wooden furniture via gbroker. I hadn't scoped this rifle and since it came minus the sights it has mostly just sat in the corner. Yesterday I came across a vintage straight 6 power Kollmorgen scope. I jump at the chance to buy any Kollmorgen even if I don't have a purpose for it at the time. This scope is clean as a pin and the optics are as sharp as any scope I own......even my Leupolds. I mated it to the Whelen once shooter and then leaned it against the entertainment center and admired it for a bit. My wife was sitting in her chair reading one of those books that most likely will put idears in her head when I asked "Hun, don't they look good together?" She gave me that over the glasses stair for a second and never did look at the Whelen and said "Oh brother!". I tried to act offended and looked at the Whelenater and said "I'ts OK boy she don't get it"........and she don't! I'm glad you guys get it.....least wise most of ya do!

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    Not to say your wife is this way.....most women I have known don't care for their men looking at anything fondly other then looking at them. When I look at my jeep or my 375 I get a look like if I was looking at another woman.......

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    I am guessing that 35 EKC would pelt ya pretty good on the shoulder in that single shooter... Never heard of Kollmorgen scopes - I will hafta look that critter up?
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    Wow, nice find EKC. Is it a USMC or commercial " bear cub" (I believe the name). For those that don't know, these were the smidt&bender of their era. Very cool find for sure.

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    Well, I hope you share your fonderings, or maybe fondleings with some pictures!


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