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Thread: Guided hunting industry rewards itself through Alaska Board of Game

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    Quote Originally Posted by AK-HUNT View Post
    Can you post Mr Turners phone #?
    Here, let me google that for ya....
    Turners's Alaskan Adventures
    PO. Box 646
    Nenana, Alaska 99760 U.S.A.
    telephone/Fax (907) 479-7535
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    A CV is... kinda like a resume

    Curricula Vitae is more focused on educational accomplishments, publications, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Strahan View Post

    If you read my stuff so far, I already corrected myself on the allocation question. My earlier comment was incorrect. I made that correction after reading the above "job description" of the Board of Game. Clearly, in contrast to your claim that allocation is the BOG's ONLY job, there are many other duties as well. Martentrapper's description is only partially correct, as you can see from the above definition. I posted that earlier, but perhaps you thought I wrote it... it's the one on the ADFG website.

    I don't claim to know Nate well. I only had two conversations with him. The last one went for a couple of hours, and we talked about some spiritual perspectives, which we appear to share in common; foundational principles upon which we both base our lives. I was pleased to hear that we have some similar practices in the field; the first was sharing our deep, abiding respect for nature, and the second was trying to excuse ourselves from a kill site so the hunter could have some time alone with the creature he just killed. Taking an animal's life is a big deal to both of us, as it is with many of the folks we have hunted with. Giving the hunter some time alone to think about it shows respect to the hunter and to the animal that gave it's life. It's my belief that many hunters share that perspective as well. It's one of the things that binds us together as a culture of hunters. As to the rest of what you said, you're asking the wrong guy. Those are questions for Nate. Personally I don't have a problem with him not recusing himself from voting on that half of the proposal... it didn't benefit him in any measurable way that I can see. I think he takes one sheep hunter a year, if I remember correctly.

    As to the "so what" reference to his character, all I can say is that from my perspective, a person's character has to drive what he does, or it's not much character at all. To me, it ALL starts (and ends) with character. That's the "so what" of character, and why it's so important. It's the foundation.

    Anyway, the more I talk, the more holes I create for myself here. I'm sure I said something here that will give someone more ammo. I can hear them reloading already! I do hope someone will try to get with Nate (I don't have his permission to post his phone number, but his contact info is on his site). It's always best to go to the source.

    Well Sir, that's fair enough. I appreciate you addressing the issue of criticizing one's action vs. criticizing them as a person. There are a few things we'll probably still disagree on, but i do respect others well thought out and reasoned beliefs. I cannot say I have the same tolerance for bumper sticker type slogans.

    Anyway, as I said before, i'm sure Mr. Turner is a fine man. I haven't heard anything to the contrary and do not know him personally. However, even the finest of men make errors in judgement from time to time. And in this instance I believe Mr. Turner (and other BOG members as well) had a serious brain fart. With the sheep allocation, access and hunting issues as contentious as they are right now, passing this prop was one of the dumbest things the BOG has done in quite a while. It was one small lobbying and advocacy group, APHA, firing a shot across the bow of the largest user group, residents. This is precisely the reason a passel of people are criticizing Turner. He is a member of and advocate for APHA. His vote favored the economic interests of that group with his vote, and that vote curtailed the opportunities for residents. Have you ever heard of any hunting regulation, anywhere, in any state, country......or even fishing reg that is similar..... If your hunting partner shoots a deer, you both punch your tag.....If your buddy on the boat gets a halibut, it counts against your limit...etc. It's just one of the most asinine ideas i've ever heard of.

    I will take at your word that he shares the principals of respect for the environment, nature, ethical hunting standards and the like. But he shat the bed on this one. And any and all criticism for this vote is not only warranted, but deserved. A fine man like Mr. Turner sure as hell should know better.

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    Well, nothing has really been accomplished in this thread, except that we now all know who is a guide and who is not. If my dad wants to come up and hunt with me now, I'll know who I can call to guide me 🤑

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    Quote Originally Posted by NorseAK View Post
    It was a sad day in Alaska for residents when Mr. Turner was retained as a Board of Game member. Interesting that the only people that are going to bat for him are the guiding industry/SCI. Hopefully resident sportsman will rise up and let this be their wake-up call.

    Not even close. Mr. Turner was reconfirmed by a landslide. It wasn't even close. In addition to APHA and SCI a number of other sportsman's groups as well as many rural and native groups including AFN supported him.


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    Interesting! Glad this site is thriving. The old guard is just that, and they should be mentoring participants, not ideas and ideology that hasn't changed since they were in there teens. Good job Mike!
    That country was so hungry even the ravens were packin' a lunch.... HUNGRY I tell ya'!!

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