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Thread: What will the .260 REM. do "BETTER" than the 7mm/08.........???

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    Default What will the .260 REM. do "BETTER" than the 7mm/08.........???

    Is there a compelling reason to choose the .260 Remington over any other .308 Winchester based cartridge......???

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    Quote Originally Posted by AGL4now View Post
    What will the .260 REM. do "BETTER" than the 7mm/08.........???
    Same thing it or the 7-08 will do better than the 6.5x55 or 7x57: absolutely nothing.
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    Nothing at all. I've shot game with the .308, the 7-08 and seen several shot with the .260.

    If there's a difference out to any reasonable range- I couldn't tell. I really like the 7-08 lately, but I've done a lot of shooting with the .308 over the years.
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    I have .260 the wife and kids use and it has killed everything from Antelope, deer, elk, bear and Moose. It was toughed to be one of the best deer rounds and from my experience it has performed well with the 140 grain reloads and I plan on taking it sheep hunting this year.

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    I am life long 7mm fan. The reason is that the .284 bullets often have a slightly better BC than a similar bullet in .308. But...
    The same could be said comparing the 260 and the 7mm-08.
    The "long" bullets with the best ballistic potential did not work well in the 3 Remington 7-08 rifles I had; maybe a "long for caliber" 260 bullet would?
    Maybe the 260 would have a slight advantage in big game bullet choice for accuracy at higher velocity.
    Really, the .020 size difference would be mostly on paper, though I always seem to shoot better when I have higher confidence in the rifle!

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    Maybe recoil less with lighter bullets and same weight rifles? Asking it to do some thing the others can't do is a reach. It's like trying to invent a new cartridge that does something no other cartridge has done.


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