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Thread: Dipping Kenai from a boat

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    Default Dipping Kenai from a boat

    I've never dipped from a boat, but since my boat is finally done (almost) I figure why not dip from it vs having to deal with moving all that fish up the beach.

    Just wondering if there is anything to watch out for when launching, parking or any other things.

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    Get your boat launched EARLY, then be prepared to wait in line for about an hour or more to retrieve at the end of the day. When you come back into the dock, it will likely be full and you'll have to drop someone off and let them go get the trailer while you set on anchor or motor around waiting for that hour or so. But it you get lots of fish, it's worth it! Man, I miss my inflatable.

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    In addition to launching from the Kenai City Dock, there is a launch at the kenai Landing accross the river.....looks like it can't be used at low tide but if your timing is right it could save you a long wait in line. To get there go out K-beach road past the Ames Bridge access road about 3 miles and you will see a sign on the left for the Kenai Landing.....if you pass a fire station on K-beach road you have gone a 1/2 mile too far.


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