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    Kind of miss my big screen Garmin I had on my ocean boat with super detailed map. Running a Wooldridge jet boat now and was wondering what GPS everyone is using for rivers/jet boating. Right now I am just using my tiny handheld Garmin for speed and distance. Any suggestions for bigger unit with more details much appreciated.

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    I have a ecomaps73 in my wooldridge xl. I can't wait to try it out. It's a new setup for me this year but I can tell from just tinkering with it in the garage that it is going to be real user friendly Attachment 88903

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    I have a Woolie river boat and use a garmin 478 mounted on the dash. It has a card slot and I installed a card with AK USGS maps. When running a river I match the scale to what ever USGS map I have and the triangle on the screen shows which bend I'm on. Very handy when on a river like the Muddy, 53 miles of switch back turns. It also gives me speed, distance, tacks, etc.. I use a separate depth gauge with an alarm and transom mounted transducer which I set the alarm to 2-3 feet. If the transducer gets bumped up I can just reach over and push it back down. The 478 is hard wired to the boat, but can be unplugged and has a battery so it can be used as a large handheld.

    I don't carry VHF, but do carry an aviation handheld. I don't know anyone using a VHF, but it's hard not to see an airplane several times a day, at least on interior rivers.


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