I grew up fishing largemouth bass in Southern California. Once I broke my line when setting the hook on a fish in the morning, and in the afternoon caught a 2-lb bass with my plastic worm from that morning hooked in its lip. But that's not the story...

Yesterday 5 friends and I fished with captain Ben on the ProFish 6-pac. We got 4 real nice fish from 84-113 pounds, filled our halibut limits with 20-30 pounders, and kept our limit of 12 lingcod. We also pulled in a bunch of fat black rockfish.

While finishing out our halibut limits, we got a call from Kevin on the other ProFishnSea boat. They had hauled in a fish that would later weigh in at 308 pounds. And...it had a hook in its mouth they were able to determine came from Ben's boat, probably the day before when he lost a huge fish in 4-rod tangle.

You always wonder just how big that one that got away was. This time, for better or worse, they know! I have to say, and I bet Ben agrees, it's nice it stayed in the "family" anyway. And I'll say this, too - those guys sure know how to fish and are willing to work hard and stay out long.