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    Default Buffalo Bore ?

    Any of you ever shoot any thing with the 340 grain + P .44 mag. load Buffalo Bore sells? I would like to hear the story if you have. That is a powerful .44 load they are selling.

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    I killed a black bear with it a couple years back. The first shot knocked it down, it got back up and I hit it one more time facing away from me, the second shot hit about the center of the spine and traveled up the spine stopping right at the base of the skull killing it instantly. Hardly any deformation to the bullet itself

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    Have not used the BB 340. But in years of using the 44 I believe once you pass 320gr your number start going down on penetration
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    In a Ruger SRH with a 5 inch barrel...lots of smoke and recoil. I settled in on the DT 320s for accuracy and price.

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