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    Just curious how many of the folks up here use an outside, "lower 48" trainer. We've gotten back into the game again after a long time away and are having some fun in the derby. Who are you using and do they come up in the summer to compete. We're using Mark Mosher, Dave's son from Sugarfoot Kennel.

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    I recommend you contact some of the AKC field trial clubs. Retriever Club of Alaska, Alaska Working Retriever Club and Fairbanks Retriever Club.
    I'm sure they will be glad to have you. Most all field trialers up here send there dogs out for the winter to various field trial pros that train for the All Age. Field trials up here have gotten pretty small. They need a boost in participation. Hopefully it will happen for them.
    Currently, The only field trial pro that comes up every summer is Gary Abbott.
    I primarily train hunt test and hunting retrievers. Though, I have trained many retrievers to compete at Derby and the Q. I too have made winter trips to train in various southern states and know there is a lot of advantages to training and competing dogs in the lower 48.
    i hope this helps and wish you the best at finding your training needs.


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