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Thread: Newbie with a new Jet boat

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    Default Newbie with a new Jet boat

    Hey guys! I just got my first jet boat, finally. I got a nice used Extreme Shallow 21'. I grew up on the water commercial fishing, and rafted quite a few rivers, but never on a jet boat. I am looking for a few "easy" rivers to figure this boat out on. Any suggestions? I am in Anchorage, so I know most rivers will be north of me.

    I saw the thread about the April 9th Kinik river run and BBQ, sounds like a blast, but We will be out of town.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Big Su is pretty easy what are your days off maybe we can get together and run some this summer I have a SJX
    Is it opening day of duck season yet
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    That would be great! I typically have weekends off. I am self employed, but have an extremely busy year lined up.


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