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    For what it's worth.....l

    Anyone trying to decide what electronics package to go with....her's a plug for Furuno. Bought my boat 3 years ago with an autopilot installed but never set up and working. Finally got around to bobbing around the bay trying to get it working and the Furuno tech support folks were awesome. One gentleman spent probably an hour on the phone with me, stepping me through the dockside and sea trial tests. I am happy to report that it is all working perfectly now. Never did they ask where I bought my product or how long ago, or where my warranty info was. He simply helped me get it right.

    Anyway, a long winded endorsement of Furuno support if everything else is equal for your decision!
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    I've had the same experience with them. Top notch

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    They fixed my freight damaged depth sounder for free. Above and beyond, so rare with all the throw away stuff we have today.


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