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Thread: Do YOU Own or want to own a good size SMOKEHOUSE.........???

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    Default Do YOU Own or want to own a good size SMOKEHOUSE.........???

    I think I will build a large'ish Smokehouse. In the winter it can double as a freezer/refrigerator cold storage unit.

    It will need to have a heavy bear "Resistant" fence and door, even the roof would have to be bear resistant.

    I would appreciate any thoughts and photos as to size and type of constriction.

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    My first house I bought when I was 21 had a wood smoke house about the size of a 2 hole outhouse. I didn't know what I was doing, but I smoked a lot of stuff in it. The green house the previous owners grew tomatoes in turned out to be a great place to grow weed. LOL. Oh those were the days. Hunting and fishing on the Rez. There were no rules.
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    Back in the early-mid 60s we ( and just about all the other stump farmers around here) used to use one or two old metal refrigerators or metal standing freezers. The old models had big latching doors, metal sheeting inside and strong metal racks. We just drilled breather holes and used a pan with charcoal plus Alder wood.
    My friends down the road took a heating element from and electric cook top and mounted it in the bottom of their charcoal pan as a starter. I never saw it work.

    In the early 80s when I was living up in Fort Yukon, a lot of folks made HUGE temporary smoke houses out of frame-work and big tarps. The family next to my cabin always had a huge one with a couple smoldering campfires going all the time near the middle. To be truthful their smoked salmon and caribou was really dry and not very tasty.
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