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Thread: Silvers are in Pony Cove

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    Default Silvers are in Pony Cove

    For those that haven't heard yet, the silvers have hit pony cove this weekend. Many charters are limited out but the area is crowded. From what I here they are running shallow this year 35 ft or less but don't know for sure as I have not made it over there yet.


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    How many miles out of Seward is Pony Cove?

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    WOW that seems to be really early this year
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    It is about 25 miles out to Pony Cove. There were quite a few boats out there today. I fished just west of Pony and there were several boats around all catching silvers. Several times every boat in sight had a fish on or in the net and it wasn't uncommon to see a boat with 2 on at a time. We weren't fishing particularly for silvers but I did end up with 2.

    This afternoon we went out to try to pick up some halibut in a different spot and my buddy got tangled with my son. Just as I got the tangle out and dropped his line a porpoise set sail with it I went to cut the line and the fish turned back for us so I waited to try and prevent the fish from having 300yds of line and lure attached to it. After several minutes and a couple runs away from us the line broke just above the swivel, what a rush!

    There were several humpbacks and numerous porpoises in the bay today. In years past I have waited for the porpoises to leave before dropping a line for fear of being stripped or worse loosing/breaking a pole. I never thought it would really happen right next to the boat but it did so beware.

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    Default Dall Porpoises

    We were halibut fishing near Rugged Island a couple of years ago in 265 feet of water when two porpoises took my bait and my friend's standing beside me off the bottom. It was quite a sight as the porpoises surfaced and the lines ripped through the water trying to catch up to porpoises. We were both able to tighten the drags and the lines finally broke. We both lost quite a bit of line. Wildlife foks indicate a mother porpoise may have been teaching it's offspring how to feed..... There wasn't much we could do.

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    ussually the porpoises aren't actually getting your bait they can't pick up the tuff line in the water and they end up swiming right through it and it gets caught on thier fins. it happens quite a bit and the only thing you can do is cut it quick. when they start comming around I pull in the lines

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    Default Today's Report

    We went out of Seward today, fished for Halibut first, caught a couple of small ones near Granite, yellow eye and I think a dusty? We also found some arrow tooth flounder, they seem to be everywhere this year. Anyone have suggestions on how to avoid them?

    We then stopped by Pony on the way out and it wasn't too crowded 20-25 boats. We had several hook ups but only managed to get one in before our time ran out and we had to get back. Did here the big boys talking about how it was much hotter action in the morning. Still, people were catching a fish here and there while we there (around 3-4pm).

    Did manage to catch plenty of sunshine! Water was like glass for a while even while the sun was out. We went as far west as the fog allowed us to (two arm bay).

    Seward habor is starting to turn into another Whittier, boats were racing out of the harbor this morning, one larger boat (35 +/-) called the Pursuit was creating a sizeable wake as she was traveling alongside the docks in the harbor!!

    Tomorrow is a kids day boat ride if the weather allows so no fish report for tomorrow. Have fun!



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