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Thread: 17A / DM570 Togiak Tips

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    Default 17A / DM570 Togiak Tips

    Hunting partner and I have drawn tags for DM570. Late addition to the 2 mile no fly rule wording changed our plans. Per last years wording it would have allowed for a high put-in above the closure and the ability to float through and take out at a state airport in Twin Hill or Togiak. Current wording prevents flying into the unit at all and then going inside the closed area to hunt. Was not happy when I talked with the local Biologist.

    Anyway, now plan is to do a lake drop and base camp with a possible move if limited action.

    Looking for suggestions on how to hunt the area in the early Sept 5th - 15th season. Seems very limited on the number of lakes that permit safe take-off and landing. Those few lakes have very limited decent cover with most tundra with some very small alder thickets nearby.

    Any suggestions on:
    -Call techniques for this season.
    -Typical moose habits this pre-rut time of year that will help
    -Any other open country hunt techniques that may help

    Best Regards and thanks in advance,

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    Maybe there's a boat transporter that could take you up river from Togiak or Twin Hills.
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    I believe you'll actually find bigger, less pressured moose further off the Togiak anyway. Before DM570 came about, residents were the only ones allowed to hunt 17A....and less than 1% of those hunters flew out to hunt. It was all river based or float hunting. You could float the Kulukak River (I wouldn't) or find a good lake. Look for a high lake on a drainage that dumps into the Togiak River. Since the season is kind of early they'll be up higher anyway (kind of a staging area for when the head down to the river for peak rut.)
    Don't over call and avoid cow calling if possible, it's too early. Occasional grunts and brush raking over a 3-5 day period works well. Get high and glass all day. The moose are definitely in pockets in 17A. There are big bulls and lots of them, but they are definitely not disperssed throughout the whole unit.
    Obviously the right transporter can be a huge help as well so do your homework there. Don't sweat the small things, go out there, have fun, and kill a moose. You drew a sweet tag and its a great hunt. I drew it the first year it was offered and got lucky.

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    Great advice from someone who must know, judging by his avatar. Nice Moose you got.


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