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Thread: Bear Baiting with Stepson memories from his school work and more

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    Default Bear Baiting with Stepson memories from his school work and more

    I wanted to write this as an encouragement to get your kids out and enjoy bear baiting. Get some other people involved. Most of all to share the memories that you will have long after they are gone and memories they will have after you are gone.

    We lost Josh 2 weeks ago at age 23 due to a blood clot that got in his lungs. He had mentioned to me just recently he wished he was healthy enough to set up this year.

    We had great times we killed bears we laughed, We got scared by brown bears, I remember the first time out he was so proud to carry a 10lb bag of sugar in his pack. Another time when the boys were around 15 yrs old or 16 yrs old were coming up to me and my partner after filling the bait and I said to him they're going to ask if we need them young boys to carry our packs and normally we would say no way. This time I said let's tell them yes. The look in their faces was astonishment ,I will never forget and they did it without complaining. Bear baiting this season will be very special and we will scatter some of his ashes on a mountain that is special to us. So as hunters, baiters and outdoors families, enjoy this season and perhaps share some of your stories here as we all have some.

    Attached is a paper Josh wrote when he was 11 or 12
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    My condolences to you and to your family, I am truly sorry for your loss. 23 is way, way too young to pass on. But that is a great memory to have and the mountain must be a special place too.


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