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Thread: Ice/Flood damage debris in Kenai?

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    Default Ice/Flood damage debris in Kenai?

    Hi folks, just read an article in the Clarion about the apparent lack of debris being found in the Kenai river in the aftermath of the big flood. Kinda makes we wonder what happened to all that stuff? Seems like there would be lots of junk on the bottom, causing hazardous conditions for boats. Is this the case? I'm not too familiar with the river, but learning yearly so I'm thinking I don't want to smack into something that wasn't there last year!

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    Default River debris


    I have traveled the lower 30 miles of the river quite extensively over the last month. It is true that the river is virtually void of any hazardous obstructions in that section. I have hooked many sticks that have aparantly been forced into the bottom by the ice...we have been able to land the sticks without loosing gear.

    I did loose one kwikfish at the pasture on a new snag, but I am not certain that it was there because of the ice/flood... it is very close to where a snag was last year.

    I have drift fished in a couple of traditional drift fishing areas without any problems (however I did hear of a new snag in the upper section of the slide hole, I did not have a problem).

    As the water level increases, we are seeing an abundance of boards and brush floating downriver. That is about it...

    Good luck


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