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Thread: 2016 fall hunt!

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    Smile 2016 fall hunt!

    I did not hunt last year due to a planned 20 state road tip in America. So this year my wife and I both plan on hunting a bunch. We were each blessed with a Unit 13 caribou draw tag. So we will be able to hunt up North and on the Kenai with the grand kids.

    On this years hunt part of our time will be spent in our 30' Toy hauler and in the new custom 10x12 foot Montana Tent & Canvas Realite wall tent I am ordering. Our travels will be made easier with the ATV's. She puts around in a 2013 lifted 570cc Polaris Razor and I run a 800cc 2011 Polaris Big Boss 6x6. Both have winches and after market 26" tires. I will still carry the old Barney's pack frame in the 6 wheeler, it might be needed.

    For the last 40 years my wife has shared hunts with me and we have many great memories. She is the most patient person I have ever hunted with and lives behind her binoculars. We are in our mid 60's now and our hunting methods are being adjusted a bit. We still plan on doing lots of glassing and sitting around water holes at night. One advantage we will have is time. Being retired gives us lots of time and if one spends enough time in the hunting area something eventually comes by.

    I am breaking from my traditional hunting loads, why I'm not sure. Instead of the 180 grain Barnes X flat base for the 30-06 I am loading up some 168 grain Barnes X Triple Shock Tipped Boat Tail bullets with some H4350. The .338 Win. Mag. is going to try out some 210 grain Barnes X Triple Shock Tipped Boat Tails and Reloader 19 instead of the 250 grain flat based X bullet I have used since they first came out. According to all the hype I read on the internet I should be able to shoot into the next zip code with my new loads! Does any one really believe those type of bullets give "Old Betsy" a real and measurable advantage when shooting Alaskan game at typical hunting distances? About the only noticeable difference I expect is less recoil, especially in my .338 Mag. As usual both scopes will be zeroed for 200 yards.

    The planning for a trip is always enjoyable to me and I am praying for our safety and success!

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    Good luck to you both! I will be up three looking for caribou and moose in unit 13 this fall as well. Sounds like you are going to have a great hunting season, lots of memories are going to be made with your spouse and grandkids!

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    I don't think you'll notice a huge difference in the '06 between the 180 and 168. Maybe a slight recoil/trajectory gain but again not enough to write home about. Still plenty for anything but a big brownie though I'd expect. Now loading the .338 with 40 gr. lighter you'd see some differences I'd be willing to bet. It'll still kill anything that walks up here, and do it well, you'll just be able to get the bullet there a lot faster with a flatter trajectory. When I was looking into getting a .338 I know I was leaning more towards loading the lighter bullets for it because of the big gains in speed and flattening out the curve. Of course, I shoot the .375 for the 250+ grains.
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    I've dropped the 338 down from 250gr to the 185gr Barnes and noticed a substantial difference in recoil. As long as you don't load the 210 beyond safe, i'm sure you'll feel the difference too. It makes shooting the gun a lot easier. My 250 load is hot, but it knocks brownines flat. The 185 is my caribou load this year, less recoil but still lots of power.

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    Barnes X Triple Shock Tipped Boat Tail bullets are my bullet of choice. I use the 168s in my 308s. It sounds like you're going to have a great season. Can't wait to see the pictures.


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